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Here you find the different projects Preamp produces or co-produces.

KIDS TV: Nani’s World

Nani is a curios teddy bear with a big heart that explores the world with great passion. The show addresses everyday things such as riding a train, taking the bus, who picks up the garbage, going to the doctor and many other adventures for the youngest audience. Nani's World is a kids show for the

KIDS TV: Nani & Josie

Josie & Nani are best of friends. Together they go on everyday adventures. Some days they stay in the treehouse talking about memories and sing songs. Nani is a curios teddy bear with a big heart. Josie is a young teenager with the best friend in the world – Nani. They have many things in

VISUAL ART: Shanti Samsara

A feature video for the album Shanti Samsara composed by Grammy Winner Ricky Kej. Video produced and directed by Fredric Ollerstam and Ricky Kej. Shanti Samsara launched by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi & President of France François Hollande at the United Nations COP21 (Paris) in the presence of UN General Secretary Ban Ki